Inaugural Democracy Forum

Hello everyone! Welcome to the inaugural Democracy Forum.

Every other Wednesday, we will share this online space to discuss important questions and topics that have arisen from the Democracy Talks in the week before, or from blog posts and current events.

Last week, our Democracy Talk featured special guest Diana Treviño from the European Universities Continuing Education Network (EUCEN), one of the project partners for DEMOCRAT. She introduced the project and discussed how it operates, its goals, and the challenges and opportunities presented by its multinational design. Diana spoke with Vanina, the online community organizer of the Agora from FOGGS, about the importance of local pilots in the responsible democratic citizenship framework and how current curricula have gaps that need to be addressed.

We invite you to rewatch the talk here: Democrat Horizon on YouTube and add your opinions on the following questions or anything related to the discussion with Diana:

  1. The EU faces various global challenges, including climate change, socio-economic gaps, and geopolitical uncertainties. How does the DEMOCRAT project plan to address these challenges through education?
  2. Do you have examples of successful living labs (related to the project or in general)? What approaches worked and what did not?
  3. What innovative teaching methods are currently being used in the EU to involve various stakeholders in the curriculum redesign process?
  4. How can we address linguistic and cultural differences in different national contexts regarding education for democracy?

Feel free to answer any of these questions or add a comment inspired by this discussion.

You can add your comments below and follow the discourse here: Democrat Horizon Discourse

2 responses to “Inaugural Democracy Forum”

  1. downesca Avatar

    I would be interested to see how people are conducting living labs in an online environment.

  2. Diana Trevino-Eberhard Avatar
    Diana Trevino-Eberhard

    I think it is important to reflect on how we can a have a long term impact of the project outcomes. How can we address and involve national policy makers of the education systems to promote the outcomes. How can we engage them to use our results to redesign traditional curricula. This is very important!

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