Third Democracy Forum

Hello everyone! Welcome to the third Democracy forum.

Every other week, we will share this online space to discuss important questions and topics that have arisen from the Democracy talks in the week before or from blog posts and current events.

Last week, our Democracy Talk featured a special guest, Dr. Katarina Popovic from the University of Belgrade, hosted by Diana Treviño in conversation with Vanina Morrison. Dr. Popovic is a renowned expert in Adult Education, Lifelong Learning, Educational Policy, Comparative Education, and the Professionalization of Adult Education. She has made significant contributions to civil engagement and democratic rights, especially in contexts where democratic systems are less robust. You can rewatch it here:

Dr. Popovic shared her insights on experiential learning and democratic education, emphasizing the need for innovative approaches to tackle global challenges. 

Here are some questions discussed and others to spark further conversation:

  1. How can educators provide experiential learning opportunities on global issues like poverty, which may not be as prevalent in some European countries as in others?
  2. What are some effective public pedagogy methods, such as visits to government offices, that can be implemented in countries with less robust democratic systems?
  3. How can the DEMOCRAT project incorporate experiential learning to address climate change, socio-economic gaps, and geopolitical uncertainties in the EU?
  4. Can you share examples of successful implementation of experiential learning in adult education or lifelong learning programs?
  5. What challenges have you faced in promoting democratic education in your country, and how have you overcome them?
  6. How can we ensure that educational curricula are inclusive and address the gaps identified in current frameworks, particularly in fostering responsible democratic citizenship?

Feel free to answer any of these questions or add a comment inspired by this discussion. 

Join us next Wednesday for our fourth discussion with Emmanuel Acquah from the Åbo Akademi University in Finland.

He will present the project “IncludeMe+: Participation and peacebuilding through mediation in digital media”. You can add it to your calendar here:

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