Welcome to the fourth Democracy forum!

Hello everyone!

Every other Wednesday, we’ll share this online space to discuss important questions and topics that have arisen from the Democracy talks in the week before or from blog posts and current events.

Last week, we had an insightful 4th Democracy Talk featuring special guest Emmanuel Acquah from Åbo Akademi University in Finland.

Emmanuel presented the project “IncludeME+: Participation and Peacebuilding through Mediation in Digital Media.” This European co-funded project aims to develop an educational program to empower higher education institutions (HEIs), media organizations, civil society organizations (CSOs), and students to become responsible and active collaborators in shaping the future of communication. The goal is to promote and establish inclusion, participation, and peacebuilding across Europe.

Emmanuel, an Associate Professor in minority research, emphasized the importance of advancing equity in the training and practice of educators working with multicultural and multilingual learners. He also discussed how IncludeME+ addresses challenges to liberal democracy.

Emmanuel highlighted that the outcomes of the IncludeME+ project can be beneficial for secondary school education and that its insights can enhance democratic education.

We invite you to rewatch the talk here: https://www.youtube.com/live/adgdkEmEPxA?si=ISDUHEKIe5FcLxO3 and add your opinions on the following questions or anything related to the discussion with Emmanuel:

1. How does IncludeME+ address the challenges to liberal democracy, such as political polarization, right-wing extremism, or the Ukraine war and its consequences?

2. How do the educational programs and tools developed by IncludeME+ contribute to advancing human rights, gender equality, and fostering a peaceful culture?

3. How does IncludeME+ utilize digital media to promote inclusion, participation, and peacebuilding?

4. Are there outcomes of the IncludeME+ project that can be useful for secondary school education? Can the outcomes and insights from IncludeME+ be applied to enhance democratic education?

5. In what ways does IncludeME+ increase participation and civic engagement, and how does this align with the goals of the Democracy project to enhance democracy through education and participatory approaches?

Feel free to answer any of these questions or add a comment inspired by this discussion.

Our next Democracy Talk is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19th, 2024, at 3:00 PM CET! Join us for a conversation with Maarja Hallik and Merike Saar from Tallinn University, who will present the project “Glocally Transformative Project-Based Learning – transforming students, teachers, and communities.”

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